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Fight for What You Want - A Prayer Warrior's Guide

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Are your a fighter? Are you willing to go blow for blow against the enemy for what is rightfully yours? This season requires complete access to the gifts which have been assigned to us to have victory. Karen believes that crying days must cease and the warrior in all of us must come forth. Every blessing God has promised is already in motion; but before it arrives we must be prepared for the battle.


    Fight for What You Want is the sophomore book of Karen and in this ever changing society, she wants every person to gain the inheritance which has been ordained from the foundation of the world. If you really want it, why not fight for it?There are some things in life we can all do without. They are not necessary to our development or our livelihood; but those resources which are germane to our well being must be siege through prayer, praise and persistence. Go get your war clothes and let's sharpen up your sword and shield. The hour has arrived to raclaim the promise. The enemy may be coming after everything you own; but his force must respect your determination to protect what's yours.


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